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Dress for Dinner Necktie Napkins

I’ve always been envious of those guys who can twirl their pen between their fingers.  Well now I have something to do with my pen.  This is my Pen, There are many like it but this one is mine.


via AwesomeStuff

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  • Zombie Lawn Gnomes

    The best sexual innuendo joke ever is now here to bring smiles to immature minds in shirt form. Everyone loves taking innocent comments and making them sound suggestive, and the That’s What She Said shirt will show everyone your commitment to keeping it up.


    via DrinkNGame.com

  • Ion Arcade

    This is a super cool portable arcade stick for your ipad.



  • Classic NES USB Controller

    Get your Retrogaming on. This classic NES controller hooks up to your PC's USB port to bring you retro arcade gaming fun. Pair this with a NES emulator and your in 8-bit nirvana!


    via Amazon.com

  • Candles For Women

    Barbequing is serious business, and you need a serious grill if you want to be called the grill master. Now you can strike fear in the hearts of salad eaters at the Sunday BBQ with this pistol BBQ grill, and use gun powder to give extra flavor on your steaks, ribs, and chicken.


    via Etsy.com